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March 2019

March 2019

One of the things I love about estate agency is that we meet people at interesting times in their lives - after all - they are 'moving'.  As an estate agent I've been involved in hundreds of  sales and sometimes it brings the best out in people, sometimes the worst; we laugh, we cry, we hope, we fear, we are right by their side and see all of life with the buyers and sellers.  I've moved (myself) just a handful of times and always within Surrey.  As Mothering Sunday falls in March, I thought I'd share the funny story of how my mother moved our family from Weybridge to Richmond when I was 12. 

My mother had gone shopping in Richmond for the day (great M&S!) and passing an estate agent she stopped to look in the window.  A new property was coming onto the market just around the corner.  Could she view?  Of course.  My mother, who prides herself on knowing a good thing when she sees it and is extremely decisive, offered the asking price on the spot at the property.  The estate agent was thrilled but composed himself to check if she needed to a) talk with her husband, b) have a second view to make the decision, and c) what about her own sale?  She answered a) no, b) no, and c) not on the market but it would sell quick.  Wasting no time, my mother raced back to Weybridge instructing an agent on the way home.  By the time my father got back from work, there was a FOR SALE board outside our house!!!  With his famously laid back attitude and dry sense of humour my father asked, "I thought you were going Marks & Spenser shopping.  Are we moving?  Don't forget to leave me the new address".  That was it.  Within 4 weeks, we had sold our house, packed up and were living in our new house.  I lived there - it was the backdrop to my teenage years - until, as a young adult, I left home.  My home had an enormous impact on my life.  That's the thing, we're not just selling houses, they are homes and contain the lives, hopes, and dreams of real people. #Womenbuyhouses.  #Ilovemyjob <3.          

The flowers depicted are from our dear Bridge Road work neighbours, Honeysuckle Rose.  Naz Miles - Bird

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